320 crores fake Facebook accounts closed in six months

320 crores fake Facebook accounts closed in six months

In the six months from April to September this year, Facebook closed 320 crores fake accounts from their platforms. In addition to shutting down all accounts, millions of posts related to child abuse and suicide have also been removed from the media.

The information that is going More than 155 million fake accounts were closed. But the platform also reported that he had more than twice as many fake accounts. At the same time, the media shut down some accounts last year for spreading rumors from Instagram.

Law enforcement agencies have also been concerned that Facebook will allow users to protect their privacy by encrypting messages. They believe children will be more likely to be abused. Even these, many experts fear that child pornography may be helpful.

The platform, however, says that they not only removed fake accounts, suicides, or harmful posts from users but also removed posts of around 1.5 million drugs. Many of them were taking drugs as drugs.

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