Adidas risked recruiting staff, excluding robots

Adidas risked recruiting staff, excluding robots

Adidas is closing its robotic factory in Germany and the United States. Ansbach and Atlanta will be shut down in April 2021. Factories are opened in 20 and 28 for supply to major markets by making more shoes automatically at faster times.

Two were opened. However, it did not profit. Finally, the factory is set to open in China and Vietnam. Adidas did not disclose that the factory was being shut down due to the fact that the shoe will be made in contact with the staff instead of the robot. However, it was not possible to increase production costs and use the same technology for different model products.

Robotic factories are very sophisticated and powerful. However, it is not easy to produce products of other models like a demand. Because robots need special skills to set up and change computer vision systems. Adidas found it easier to produce different models of products by training the staff.

Most of the Adidas products have been manufactured in Asia since its inception. Currently, over 1 million people work in Adidas factories on a contract basis. Most of the factories are located in China and Vietnam.

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