Laser Ray Speaker Hack!

Laser Ray Speaker Hack!

Researchers say it is possible to hijack the voice assistant of big tech giant companies through the rays of laser pointers. A research team at Tokyo's Electro-Communication University and the University of Michigan said smartphones and some smartphones' microphones turn on bright lights.

Smart speakers are activated when direct light is turned on. Hackers can create electric signals by confusing the device's microphone with laser rays.

Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Facebook's Portal Voice Assistants have been tested. The iPhone 10R, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Pixel 2 have been tested on the phone. Researchers have said that the security of all devices can be accessed at some stage.

They said hackers could use this system to buy things online, control the smart home switch, and open the lock of the car's coordinated speaker. Smartphones have to activate voice assistants like WakeWord, such as Hey Siri and OK Google.

But they cannot be hacked simply because SmartSpecker does not have this security level. Researchers have told Amazon, Apple, Google, Ford and Tesla about this method of securing security.

A Google spokeswoman said in an email that we are reviewing this research paper very deeply. It is our responsibility to protect our users. We always look for ways to improve device security.

Amazon said that we give the highest priority to gaining customer confidence. We also place a great deal of emphasis on product safety. Apple and Tesla have yet to comment.

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