Mark Zuckerberg has a TikTok account!

Mark Zuckerberg has a TikTok account!

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg created a secret account on Twitter. According to the media BuzzFeed report, the account is named '@finkd'. However, his secret account does not have any verified marks.

He also uses a Twitter account under the same name. Zuckerberg's Verified the Instagram account is linked to that account. Even though there is no post, Zuckerberg is following the ticket. Except for three, there is a verified symbol next to the name of each account.

Most of the accounts are from teenage content creators, whose accounts have grown to more than a few million. He is followed by the likes of superstar Lauren Gray and Jacob Sartorius. Also, they have stars like Ariana Grande and Selina Gomez on the follow-up list.

Zuckerberg's follower numbers on the TikTalk account are 6,900. Facebook is now one of the biggest rivals. Keeping in mind the teenagers, Facebook wanted to buy the Tiktok (then-named Musically) app on the 21st. Chinese tech giant BitDance later acquired the app for $ 1 billion musically.

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